Preparing Your Financial Security For Your Family

Securing your family development.

Every father seeks to protect his family and to provide the essentials for basic living. For a new father, the newly adopted role of ‘man of the house’, more responsibilities are acquired with the new role. One of the main concerns that a man faces with his new role is ‘how will he protect and raise his family?’

The new man of the house will be seeking ways to protect his family against some of the potential threats that could threaten his family lifestyle. Of these threats, the following three pose the most intimidating.

o Financial security
o Home Security
o Transportation

Financial security
Robert Kiwosaki once defined income finance security in a cashflow quadrant. This quadrant defined the sources of income that one can receive by working in one of the following structures.

1. Employment – whereby you are employed by a business to carry out a required task.
2. Self-Employment – whereby you work for yourself carrying out tasks for revenue.
3. Business – Owning a business which generates income.
4. Investment – investing in other businesses to generate dividend or equity gains.

One of the most popular revenue streams for security is employment. However in saying this, it will be long term employment that will be secure for the long term. Although, in saying this, greater financial security can be reached via the other revenue streams in Robert Kiyosaki’s quadrant, although the risk associated is increased with the different revenue streams.

An ideal target term for financial stability and security will be over a 5 year period.

The considerations with transportation for your family will be whether to decide on public or private transportation for your family.

The importance of choosing the correct transportation will impact your family’s lifestyle. It is best to consider the following factors when deciding on your future transportation method.

Location – Are you based in the city or in the countryside.
Transportation network – Is there a good transportation network in the area that you are living and commuting in?
Costs – What added costs are involved in private transportation compared to public transportation and how do they fare?

(Note: When checking costs, noting the insurance associations with public transport will be a factor that could drive up expenditures. It is ideal to compare car insurance to find the estimated costs of different insurance policies and how they may impact your private transportation costs.)

The family home
Finding and developing the family home will be a key aspect to your family’s development, as well as your family’s lifestyle.

Key decisions such as whether to buy or rent a home will impact your financial costs or rewards in the long term.

There are some larger upfront costs associated with buying a house. Although in renting, the upfront costs even though they aren’t as large, can still have a significant impact on your finances.

Essentially, if you own the home instead of renting it, you will have more expenditure to pay, including council taxes, insurances, repayments, however in the long term, you can enjoy some financial returns from equity growth and your family can enjoy the satisfaction of owning a family home.

Note: Home insurance will be one of the major impacts on your yearly finances. It is ideal to compare the different policies to find a good package which is financially friendly. These are some of the considerations to help with your decision making to enhance your family’s security and lifestyle.

Ensure Security For Your Family

While you’d like to be around for your family as long as possible, it’s impossible to predict what the future holds. That’s why it’s so important to take all the necessary measures and ensure your loved ones are well looked after if anything should happen to you.

One of the biggest worries people have is with regard to the financial future of their family in the event of their own death. How will the bills get paid? Who will cover the mortgage? Will your children be looked after? These are, of course, legitimate concerns. If, for instance, you’re responsible for the primary income in your home, your death could be devastating for your family. Aside from a lack of income to support your family in the future, your loved ones would likely have to deal with initial lump costs, such as funeral arrangements. All of this on top of the grief of losing someone could be one of the most traumatic experiences for any family.

However, there are various arrangements you can make to alleviate the stress for your family in the event of your death. For instance, while it might be a macabre thought, you could always consider making your funeral arrangements ahead of time while you’re alive, so your family won’t have to deal with them in the event of your death. For many families, making funeral arrangements are extremely taxing, both emotionally and financially. So having these arrangements done in advance could save your loved ones a lot of stress in the future.

Another measure you can take to ensure the security of your family later is to secure a life insurance policy. This type of insurance will give you and your family peace of mind, ensuring financial assistance is provided in the event of your death. Furthermore, when purchasing a life insurance policy, you’ll be able to choose a plan that caters to you and your family’s needs. For instance, you can usually decide whether your family would receive a lump sum payout, or an ‘income’ payout that spreads over a certain number of years.

Moreover, life insurance policies are widely available at affordable prices, so you needn’t worry that this type of policy will drain your finances during your lifetime. If your financial circumstances do change at any time, you can usually alter your level of cover accordingly.

So, there are ways in which you can take away any worry you might have regarding your family’s financial future, and rest easy knowing your loved ones will be well looked after if anything should happen to you.

5 Tips on How to Work From Home Conveniently

It is the dream of every entrepreneur to work from their home comfortably. As your primary aim is achieving financial freedom, you also ought to go for something that is convenient for you. Thanks to the internet, there is more flexibility now when working from home. This has also brought about new challenges that you have to face. Here you will get to learn the best and recommended practices when working from home.

Try to be formal and create office hours

Most entrepreneurs will tell you are working from home is fun and enjoyable, so sweet that some even work in their pajamas. But, there is a disadvantage of this: if you don’t treat your job seriously, you will end up having poor time management challenges. There is the factor of family and home chores that can’t be neglected which at times conflict with client’s requirements and deadlines. It is, therefore, essential that you create a formal working environment which doesn’t conflict with your personal life outside of work.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Flexibility comes with a price. The challenge here is that you should multitask while at home and at times end up mixing work with your personal life. The schedule should be well structured and followed upon. Strive not to go overboard on your working hours. Inform your clients when you are available and when it is convenient for you to work efficiently.

Look Presentable

While many jobs are done at home do not require physical presence or communication others may require you to communicate online via Video Calls. This is where you have to be alert and always ready. Dress and look presentable to avoid any embarrassing moments which may end up costing you a client or a gig.

Set aside a customs office at home

For you to excel, you need to create a conducive and peaceful working area. Find an inspirational area around your home where you feel comfortable working at. It can be an unused room away from the noise and where no one can distract or disturb you. Create a distinction between your “home” and “office.” Don’t let your dishes and laundry come in between your working hours and at the same time don’t let client phone calls and emails come in between family time.

Take some time off periodically

Sitting in one place for a long can be tiresome and boring. You aim to work with some motivation and comfort. Taking breaks between working hours is a good and recommended practice for working at home. Some time off will allow you to look for inspiration and enjoy snacks or food to supplement energy lost. You can go to the gym for exercising and to clear up the mind.

We Are All Misunderstood

There is technology advancement all around us, with its comforts. But something is lagging! Yes, we are still miles away from happiness. There is lot of progress all around, except in the thought processes within the human mind. It is still slave to its 5 senses, its ego, anger, jealousy, greed, and revenge-attitude. There has to be progress on this front as well. if we want to avail full advantage of technological advances. Why we have failed so far? How can we go ahead?

A universal grudge

1. ‘I have done so much for others, but people are so thankless, that they don’t recognise it. They just talk ill me, when they talk to others’

Are we always right?

2. Criticizing, condemning, and commenting negatively always, does not solve any problem, in relationships. We have to accept a person as he/she is – a friend, or the spouse. If we try to tailor-make a friend or the spouse, to suit our likes and dislikes, as our clone, then the life will be always predictable, listless and boring. The differences, the fights and the ego clashes are good to some extent, as long as there is mutual respect for each other.

* When there is no mutual respect, the relationship degenerates to hatred, finally there is no love: physical or platonic. Learn to view objectively, others’ views. Respect and accept others’ views and alternative solutions, even if they are at variance to our ideas.

3. We all suffer from a nurtured belief: ‘ I am always helpful to others, but it is the society which treats me unfairly’. It is true to some extent; as life isn’t always fair. But the solution lies within. It is not helpful, to blame others.

* Often children blame parents for not doing enough for them. They should understand the financial constraints of parents. If the parents are doing their best, sacrificing their desires for children, it must be acknowledged.

Talk with others, not about others

4. Man is a social animal. Socializing implies: chatting and communicating, with others. We talk about others, seldom with others.

* When we talk about others, invariably we talk negatively about them. It gives us a feeling of false superiority. We are all lured by such talk, and indulge in it. Let’s curtail our habit of talking about others. If others talk ill of us, let’s not over-react. Let’s learn to Ignore, and react objectively if we must.

When we are a host or a guest

5. A college friend visited us. He was our guest, visiting us after a decade. We were chatting over breakfast. It was already 11AM. We both have retired 10 years ago. Usually we had breakfast at 8AM; today we got late, as we waited for him – while he kept sleeping. He ruled out having ‘lunch’, as it was already nearing noon. It gave us a feeling of relief.

* We all play the roles of a guest or a host during our lifetime. Ethics demand: as a guest we shouldn’t upset the set routine of the hosts; and as host, we should try to make the guests feel at home.


6. We all sometime think: ‘He is a nice person, but he never rings us. He waits for us to ring, and then he indulges in long intimate conversation. It is a one-way traffic, always. May be, it is due to his super ego.’ Egos affect even such simple activities in life. It is sheer fun, to observe even old persons nurturing their grudge and asserting,’It is his turn to ring back.’


Happiness for humanity is almost there. It is for us to grab it. All it needs is: ‘Get rid of divisive politics over religion, color, nationality, and even gender. Let’s be just human beings.

Don’t Give Up

We’ve all heard it, the stories of people who persevered despite numerous rejections and failures to ultimately become famous in their field and achieve some amazing results but do we take this lesson to heart? Do we see failure as a reason to quit or as a stepping stone towards success? If it doesn’t work out once do we think it never will? I am here to tell you that if you have a dream then don’t you dare give up! Yes you may fail, you may fail numerous times but so long as you keep getting back up then failure is not the end and may still turn into success.

Decide What You Really Want

It’s no good saying ‘don’t give up’ if it’s something you don’t really want. If you don’t really want it then by all means quit, we can’t all do everything but decide what it is that you really want in life and then never, ever give up on that thing that you are passionate about.

Failure Teaches You How Not to Do It

Each time you fail at something you really want to do just see it as a lesson in how not to do it. ‘OK, so doing it that way didn’t work, what other method can I try?’ Consider life an experiment. There may be many ways that don’t work but if you keep trying you will eventually find the one way that does work. Just keep a note of what hasn’t worked and don’t keep trying to do things the same way because if you keep on trying to do things in the same way that you failed before then you will not succeed but try to do it a different way and you will learn from your mistakes.

Be Patient

Sometimes it’s not so much the process we are following to achieve the results as it is the timing. Some things are not going to happen immediately. Unfortunately we live in an age where we have gotten used to almost instantaneous results and when things don’t work out like that we tend to get impatient and give up. The best things in life however will take time so learn to be patient and realize that everything doesn’t have to happen overnight.

Be Teachable

Be teachable and willing to learn. If there are people who have gone through this process before then ask them how they did it and why they think they eventually got it right. Take notes of the lessons they learned along the way and try to avoid the same mistakes they have already made. As Isaac Newton said, “if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”, learn to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before and learn the lessons they have learnt so that you can reach further because you won’t need to go through the same mistakes. You don’t have to do it alone and mentorship is one of the best success principles.

Plenty of people have failed again and again but have gone on to achieve great things with their lives because they didn’t give up; they showed patience, persistence and learnt from others. Learn to do the same if you have something you really want to achieve and see failure as your stepping stone to greater things.

How To Get The Most From Your Child’s Online Revision Efforts

As a parent, you definitely want the best for your child as far as education goes. It is for this reason that you may have considered tuition and home tutoring. Another option to help your child make improvements in school is using online revision platforms. They are definitely better than leaving the child along to revise at home because then you can’t be sure that they will get the help they need especially around the problematic areas in different subjects.

The online revision option comes in handy because the child is able to revise from anywhere and at any given time. They can actually catch up on a few topics after school or even on their way to school, thus making a huge difference in their learning experience. The online option is made possible by carefully put together software that tackles the subjects according to the curriculum so you know that there is nothing your child will lack or get misguided when using the platforms. But it is also necessary that you also play your role in ensuring that the revision platform you select for your child is the best and will offer value in the end.

Think about the brains behind the revision – The last thing you want is to choose an online revision tool that has not been structured by qualified teachers. The only way you will be able to help your child pass exams and perform better in schoolwork is by choosing software whose educational content is put together by qualified and experienced teachers. With this assurance you can be sure that your child will be guided in the right direction and actually benefit from the online revision.

Check the revision approach – There will be absolutely no difference is the online platform simply prints the text book, your child already has and promises to deliver. You therefore should go deep into finding out what the service providers have done to simplify the learning experience for your child. To make revision easier for learners, a good platform will make use of animated learning videos, revision videos and even interactive quizzes that are revision based. Such approaches make learning interesting for the child and will help them learn fast and effectively even on their own. Find out what tools have been applied and how helpful they are likely to be for your child before settling for the revision software.

Choose suitable revision time – If you have young children then you need to be the one to make decisions as to when they can revise. Older children can easily schedule their revision times, but for the younger ones, you need to make decisions such as whether it is appropriate for them to take devices to school or whether it would be better for them to revise when they get home. When scheduling the online revision sessions, ensure that it is during a time when your child is alert and interested. You also want to create a good environment for the revision and offer any necessary help towards the same.

Regional Marketing Strategies and Master Franchising Conflicts

When entering a master franchise agreement one must pay particular attention to the section on advertising and marketing requirements. Generally speaking franchisors are interested in secure brand name recognition in the assigned master franchise territory (County, State, Country). The franchisor also understands what works best for their business model in attracting new business, and or has probably given careful consideration to how this will affect the master’s franchise sales, and the over-all brand name.

Still, it would be irresponsible to believe that the marketing and advertising that has worked in one region or country will work the same in another. Indeed, there needs to be regional variation’ and often the master franchise buyer will have some decent insight into their own territory. What works one place will not necessarily work everywhere. Therefore the master territory buyer will need to look into the master agreement and may need to negotiate some changes.

Global Franchise had a particularly telling article in their 2016 December issue titled; “Fourteen Questions for a Master Franchisee Buyer” and the well written piece noted that master franchise buyers certainly need to ask themselves; “Who is responsible for advertising in my Territory?” and went on to say: “The master franchise agreement sets forth the parameters of who is responsible for advertising, marketing and related activities. The master franchisee will likely have the obligation to develop and implement a marketing plan for each territory. The franchisor will either require or reserve the right to review and approve the marketing plan and any materials used for advertising purposes.”

One thing I had learned in setting up master franchises for my company was that what worked in California did not work so well in Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Arizona or Colorado. The weather was different, the culture slightly different, and the buyers were not always the same types. And mind you, this is all one-country. As I set up master agreements in other countries the regional variation with advertising, branding and marketing got even more diverse, and that was a good thing too. Had it not, or if I’d forced my master partners to do things the way I’d always done them, I doubt they could have succeeded or stayed on schedule as they developed their cluster of franchisees to extend our brand name.

Let’s face it, as a franchisor, the worst thing that could happen would be for a master franchisee to go out of business and then have burned territory and a tarnished franchise brand name in that territory. It’s hard to pick up the pieces when that happens. Suffice it to say it’s better for all concerned when regional variation is in the mix when it comes to marketing and advertising. So, master agreement signers ought to realize that franchisors ‘get this’ and are often willing to negotiate the terms under these provisions.